Reed Graduations

Reed Graduations Services needed to improve the management of graduation ceremonies for universities. They approached us to develop a solution.

  • Industry Education
  • Solutions Website, mobile app, desktop app

Project Summary

Our task was to create a website where universities could easily sign up for graduation services, as well as a platform for students to select the goods and services they wanted. In addition to the website, we also developed two companion apps: GradPOS, an iOS app that allowed for QR code scanning of identification documents on the day of the graduation ceremony, and GradCapture, a desktop app that sorted, transferred, and filtered photos for photographers.

Technologies Used

Client Overview

The team behind RGS is a group of innovative and ambitious people who observed the graduation process at Australian universities and identified an opportunity to create a comprehensive solution to manage the entire graduation procedure. They wanted a multi-platform solution that could serve all universities in Australia.

Key Challenges

One of the biggest challenges we faced was developing a customisable solution that could meet the unique needs of each university. Additionally, during the testing phase, the certificate frame loading feature on the desktop app wasn't syncing correctly with the server, and the SecurePay API didn't integrate well with the website cart page. We also found that captured images were not appearing automatically on the desktop app, so they were not available on the server end.

Our Solution

Our solution involved building a website, iOS app, and desktop app that all synced with each other. The GradPOS app allowed for easy scanning of student QR codes, while the desktop app automatically sorted and transferred images to the server. We also improved the server's bandwidth to ensure smooth data delivery.

Development Process

To develop the RGS solution, we relied on the Scrum framework to ensure every segment of the project functioned and synced together seamlessly. We worked closely with the client at every step to ensure their needs were met, and we guaranteed quality at every iteration to create a stable and competent solution.

Final Result

The final solution we delivered met all of the client's requirements and worked perfectly across all platforms. The client was pleased with the outcome, and our team was proud to have developed a successful multi-platform solution for such a complex project.