Software Maintenance

Full-Featured Maintenance
and Support for Optimal
Software Performance

The dynamic nature of the market demands constant attention and updates to software applications. At Effektiv, we recognise this need and bring together a team of skilled software developers to deliver top-notch software maintenance services. Our approach combines industry-best practices and the latest technologies to ensure the security and stability of your software systems.

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Highest quality

Our rigorous quality control process ensures that every aspect of your software system is thoroughly tested and meets the highest standards.

Regular updates
and patches

Provide regular software updates and patches to ensure that your systems are running the latest and most secure versions of software to prevent potential security vulnerabilities.

Proactive monitoring
and troubleshooting

We use the latest tools and technologies to quickly identify and resolve problems, minimising downtime and ensuring the availability of your software systems.


To improve the speed and responsiveness of your software systems, our expert analyses your software systems to identify any bottlenecks and recommend changes to optimise performance.

Need help with your
software maintenance? We
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Ensuring Operational
Continuity with
Custom Software Upkeep

Custom software systems play a critical role in the smooth functioning of your business processes, and it's crucial that they remain up-to-date and function optimally. With Effektiv, you get access to a big pool of legacy software specialists with a wide variety of coding language expertise, giving you the confidence that your software is in good hands.

You get the ability to enhance or extend your program's capabilities to keep it aligned with your business operations. Alongside this, we provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the work we do, from scope to beyond.

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